Cuisine plays an important role in the culture and identity of a territory. It might even be considered a real language with which a society unconsciously translates part of its own history and memory.

Food and wine of the Pianura Veronese is not an exception to this rule. The dishes that you can taste today in the comfortable farm restaurants of the territory evoke scents and tastes of a faraway world. The traveller, overwhelmed by old flavours, can venture into a unique and fascinating back in time journey to learn about the poor rural cuisine. Although our chefs have added a touch of innovation to the tradition, after you taste a typical dish of the Pianura Veronese you become immersed in its history.

Over the centuries women and men of this territory had to face a state of poverty compelling them to reinvent simple and basic dishes and mix the few available ingredients. Thanks to their typical rural capacity for adaptation, women and men were able to prepare poor, sometimes extremely poor, dishes: those dishes were supposed to feed and fill men worn out by hard work in the fields.

The typical cuisine of the Pianura Veronese is rooted in that worthy of respect poverty and forced simplicity: the memory of a past which is slowly being cancelled by the current economic wealth. This is the reason why, being aware of this danger, the many farm restaurants of the Pianura Veronese patiently try, day by day, to recover those traditions and revive tastes and flavours: thus they offer, for the benefit of all, the little “miracle” of a simple and poor cuisine, which has become a precious heritage of the land.


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