Earth, water, sky: this is the Pianura Veronese. These are the vital elements of a land where nature, the everlasting undisputed lady, has shaped profiles and boundaries. Stop and look at it carefully. Dare to touch it, smell it, live it indeed. Surrender to the slow rhythm of the seasons, as the patient and respectful peasants would do in the past. Only then you will appreciate this simple, neat, quiet yet impressive environment; an environment which is full of history, fantastic events and memories emerging from the stories of the elderly. The original features of our plain are all there in front of you: ready to be unveiled to the eyes of the modern traveller.

Earth. The land of wide open spaces, where the eye can follow the nuanced line of the horizon fading away far from the human sight. The land of cultivated, sinuous, soft, geometric, almost intertwined and united in a voluptuous embrace plots. The black and fat life-giving land, that generously offers its own fruits to those who have been cultivating it with sweat and toil for thousands of years.

Water. The water of the great river – Adige – solemnly and mysteriously and eternally flowing, as a nourishment and threat to those living around there. The life-giving water that touches the trees and gently caresses the countryside. The water of the many streams flowing decidedly through the plain, enveloping it and making it so fertile. But also the water nourishing, in a long gone and almost forgotten time, the marshlands and related danger of malaria: further unmistakable signs of the undisputed reign of the sometimes cruel and malevolent nature.

And finally, the unbelievable sky and horizon: you must simply admire them. You choose when, it doesn’t matter. You can look at them in summer, as the sun slowly sets at the end of the day after it has harassed men and animals with its fiery darts in the countryside during the long afternoon hours. Or look at them in winter, when the thick and enveloping fog keeps everything out of sight and, like a huge curtain of steam in a timeless spell, it dissolves the ancient and modern ruins dotting the landscape. Fog, winter lady, protects the old trails that were once followed by wagons, mail carriers, carriages and armies. Those same paths, now safe roads, will lead you today through large cultivated areas and lush wooded landscapes, shaped on the natural boundaries of the many waterways. They will take you to unveil the uncertain profiles of the old “courtyard houses”, the dovecotes and finally the majestic features of the villas, authentic gems of an extraordinary land.


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