San Giovanni Battista in Campagna

Church or San Zuan Church


This church, better known as San Zuan Church, dates back to the eighth century. In front of the church there is an octagonal Baptistery containing sixteenth-century frescoes representing the life of St. John the Baptist and the Passion of Christ.


Before 813


Via San Giovanni (Strada Concamarise)
37051 Bovolone (VR)

Opening hours

Free entrance all year: please call the attendant.
Guided tours: please call the parish or Pro Loco in Bovolone.


Information on www.tourism.verona.it and www.prolocobovolone.eu

For more information

Parish of Bovolone
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37051 Bovolone (VR)
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Phone number: 045/7100063 (Parish priest)
Fax number: 045/6902232
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