San Pietro in Tillida Church

or San Pierin in Cantalovo


Called San Pierin Church, this red brick and rectangle-shaped building, with a sloping roof and a semicircular apse, played a very important role in the past. The inscription engraved above the entrance door testifies to it: it seems that the church is nothing but San Pietro in Tillida Church, the church of the tenth century comprising twelve villages. Its façade is adorned with a small projecting porch, with the remains of a fresco representing the Madonna. Today on the sides of the entrance door you can see two large windows, whereas the bell tower and splayed windows were removed. The interior has a single nave and the signs due to several restoration works, modifying the original features, are still visible today. It is interesting to note that the devotion to the Madonna was widely spread: many frescoes and particularly ex-voto are dedicated to her indeed.




Via S. Pietro
37040 Bevilacqua (VR)

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