San Salvaro Church


This church was built at the beginning of 1100 by the will of the feudal lady Matilde from Canossa and it was established on the remains of a previous religious building dating back to the sixth century A.D., certainly situated near a Roman road. The building contains all the late Romanesque art elements of Verona: three naves, large apses, the absence of light and dark elements, projections and alcoves; thus its walls are smooth and uniform. The outer cotto brickwork alternates thin and thick bricks with some layers of tuff. The façade was renovated by the will of Don Trecca at the beginning of the twentieth century, the bell tower dates back to 1914, whereas the apses and the underground crypt are original.




Vicolo S. Salvaro
37045 Legnago (VR)

Opening hours

Open to single visitors: free entrance all year: please call the caretaker.
Open to groups: all year, from Monday to Friday, in the morning or afternoon, by appointment and depending on the availability of attendants and spaces. Exceptionally, on Saturday and Sunday too (see “experiences” section of the link).


Information on www.tourism.verona.it and at IAT Legnago – Pianura Veronese

For more information

Single visitors:
Phone number: 0442/20830 (Caretaker)
Phone number: 0442/20052
E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.sansalvaro.org