Castle of Nogarole Rocca

Towards the end of the Scaligeri rule, the castle was sold to Nicolo Diversi and Guglielmo Bevilacqua, counsellors of Giangaleazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan. At the beginning of the Republic of Venice domination, the castle was transferred to Giacomo Dal Verme (soldier of fortune) and after his death it was transferred to the Republic of Venice again. In 1543 the castle was sold in an auction at Rialto in Venice to Leonardo Boldri for 520 ducats: as a condition of the sale, he was obliged to lower the castle, cancel the features of the fortress, remove the ramparts and cover the moats. Two years later, Leonardo Boldri sold it to Giovanni Bevilacqua Lazise, whose coat-of-arms (an eagle) is carved in the internal arch of the castle. From that moment onwards, the Bevilacqua Lazise family carried also the title of “Counts of Nogarole Rocca”. At the end of the nineteenth century Mr. Benedetto Barbieri bought the castle and the surrounding land. The castle houses a little church named after St. Carlo Borromeo: it was once adorned with precious paintings and objects, such as a painting with the Virgin Mary and her child, St. John the Baptist and St. Carlo Borromeo, which was afterwards removed. After the death of Miss Maria, the last heir to the Barbieri family’s lineage, on 7th June 1973, the whole property was willed to the Province of Verona.


14th century


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