Castle of Salizzole

The Castle of Salizzole stands out as one of the most important Medieval complexes of the entire Basso Veronese. The impressive architectural structure consists of two towers of different ages joined by a large central body. The western crenellated tower dates back to the twelfth century; the eastern tower, with the adjacent entrance portal, dates back to the end of the thirteenth century. The first information regarding its possible owners date back to the second half of the thirteenth century. Archives mention a woman, Verde de Saliceoli, who owned some estates in Salizzole and presumably the castle too. It is reported that in the fourteenth century some “Verde de Saliceolis” was the wife of Alberto I Della Scala. Thus the castle was very likely willed by Verde, mother of Cangrande I, to the Scaligeri family after her death in 1305. From that moment onwards, the castle was part of the properties of the Della Scala family. When Verona was annexed to the Republic of Venice, the latter decided to auction all the properties. On that occasion, precisely on 23rd March 1407, Nicola Capella bought a part of the castle including the western tower, large estates and the jurisdictional rights. The Capella family owned the complex until the second half of the seventeenth century, when the last heir, Eleonora, married to Camillo Giuseppe Cosmi, willed her properties to her son Cosmo Cosmi Capella. In 1793 Camillo, the last male heir to the family, died. Thus the heirs to his three sisters, Matilde, Veronica and Eurienna, shared the inheritance. In 1813, when the Napoleonic Land Register was drawn up, the complex was divided into two parts: the western part, including the central body and the oldest tower, belonged to the Cosmi-Capella heirs; the eastern part, including the other tower, belonged to the royal domain.


12th century


Piazza Castello, 1
37056 Salizzole (Verona)

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You can visit only the part of the castle which is public property, during the opening hours of the Municipality of Salizzole.


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