Vallette Park in Cerea

The Vallette Park has recently been redeveloped. Situated in the old bed of the river Menago, in the Vallette urban area, this park is like a bridge connecting the urban area of the main town to the nearby hamlet of San Vito. The redevelopment and preservation of this park have allowed the townspeople to retake possession of those water lands, which once embodied the real features of the Pianura Veronese marshlands. In this park there are bicycle tracks, footpaths and a wooden footbridge.

Type of land

Public nature park


Via Peagni
37053 Cerea (Verona)

Opening hours

Free access.


Information at IAT Legnago – Pianura Veronese

For more information

Associazione Naturalistica Valle Brusà
Via Belle Arti, 83
37053 Cerea (Verona)
Mobile phone: 328667490
Phone number: 0442/83688
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Website: www.oasivallebrusa.it